Ensuring your child attends school on time and ready to learn is of great importance and a key commitment that we ask of parents and carers.  We know that poor attendance and punctuality has a negative effect on children’s academic achievement as well as their social and emotional development and general wellbeing. 

We understand that children get unwell and may need to miss the occasional day of school. However, where children are consistently absent or regularly late for school, this will have a seriously detrimental impact on their progress and development.

We monitor all pupils’ attendance and where a child’s attendance falls consistently below the national average (around 96%) we will make contact and seek to understand ways in which the school can support families to ensure that children attend school every day and are on time. Where the issue cannot be resolved and attendance does not improve, it may be necessary to involve the Educational Welfare Officer and the Local Authority, who have the power to fine parents and take legal action as appropriate.