Wild Tribe

Wild Tribe sessions at Holsworthy Primary school take a child-centred approach, with activities planned to reflect the needs and development of each specific group of children in a particular session. The activities are only a starting point and indeed children may choose to take activities in a different direction from the one intended. These sessions are adaptable enough to develop the childrens’ learning in the most appropriate way. The activities are planned with considerations placed on the age, ability and curriculum requirements of each group.

The sessions take place regardless of the weather with the children and staff soon adapting and developing a resilience to the outdoor conditions. The activities are adapted to individual needs and are supported by continual observation and assistance. Each class attends a 2-hour session every week, placing emphasis upon and  concentrating on the values of working together, personal achievements and social and emotional resilience, in support of the curriculum’s requirements.

As recognised by our recent OFSTED report our whole school curriculum is further enriched by this outdoor education provision; providing every child with experiences of plant and animal husbandry, creative and physical activity, and a rich understanding of the natural world and its environmental issues. By providing activities that link directly to the curriculum’s core and foundation subjects, children learn about mathematics, science and geography concepts using real world contexts. 

All activities are planned on a risk/benefit basis and enable children to take part in a range of exciting activities that develop their self-confidence and self-esteem. Examples of this are campfire building, using tools and developing outdoor crafts.

We are incredibly proud of this fantastically interactive part of our school life. 

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