In February we received a visit from Ms Dymond from the Local Authority.   I am delighted to say that Ms Dymond was very impressed with the school and the progress we have made so that we have been asked to support other schools  and share our expertise.  In her report Ms Dymond wrote:

‘This is a securely good school where the Headteacher has skillfully developed effective leadership at all levels. The school now needs to consider how it can be more involved with supporting/working with other schools and offering staff further professional development opportunities to lead/support beyond their own school.’

Ms Dymond was keen to point out a range of strengths of the school:

  • ‘Strength of leadership at all levels, where staff are empowered to work in teams, undertake action research and then reshape provision in light of findings.’
  • ‘Proactive senior and middle leaders, where middle leaders are contributing to the overall forward momentum of school improvement.’
  • ‘There is a clear cycle of monitoring, support, development and review. Leaders have created a culture where plan/do/review is key and where collaborative working for staff has moved learning forward and empowered all staff to lead at various levels.’
  • ‘Consistency of expectation and aspiration throughout all staff; there is a no blame culture in this school, only the desire to support all pupils to achieve – all leaders talk clearly about what needs to be provided for pupils.’
  • ‘High quality maths teaching expertly led and developed by a highly effective maths leader.’
  • ‘Good learning behaviours in classrooms – pupils willing to discuss their learning and share reasoning and explanations. No teaching time was lost due to pupil behaviour.’
  • ‘Disadvantaged pupils making improved progress over time, with the gap narrowing between their non-disadvantaged peers and where attainment is better than local outcomes in the majority of cases. The Headteacher has devised a comprehensive plan for the use of the PP funding; barriers to learning are identified and impact of actions is evaluated effectively.’
  • ‘SENDCo is new to role but has swiftly audited strengths and areas for development. Tracking evidences impact of work to date around SMART targets and My Plans.’
  • ‘English Leader (Assistant Headteacher) has quickly settled into school after starting in September and has devised an English action plan based upon need and scrutiny.’