Key stage 1 art day

First we learnt about the American painter, Tracy Miller and about her various paintings before focusing more specifically on her piece of art: The Raven. We discussed how she uses acrylic paint and various size brushes to create her art pieces. We watched an interview, where we found out that Tracy Miller was inspired by other artists and decided she wanted to be a painter at the age of 13. Next, we looked more closely at the painting ‘The Raven’ and the colours she used. This led us to create our own colour wheel and colour mixing. The children then explored painting techniques before then drawing their own animal and then used all of these skills to produce their final piece.


 Every child across the school took part in a workshop with artist Darrell Wakelam. Each phase created a large scale piece of art linked to their curriculum using recycled materials. Each piece was completely child led and built up from scratch.

Tarka Pottery Workshops

Jax and G from Tarka Pottery came to work with us. They brought lots of exciting materials with them. They brought clay, slip and glaze for us to use. We went outside to find leaves and other natural materials we could use to create texture to our final product. Then we had to shape our clay to form a bowl. We the decorated our bowls using the leaves to create an imprint. We then chose what else to decorate our bowls with. Some of us chose small insects such as ladybirds.