Wild Tribe Show the Love For the Environment 

Pupils in Wild Tribe were showing their support for the Climate Coalition ‘show the love campaign’. They had great fun making and hanging green hearts and writing personal environmental challenges to help protect the things they love from future environmental effects.
To show my love for trees. I challenge myself to use less paper so that it doesn’t go to waste. If I use more paper than I need then I would waste the paper supplied by trees.”
Tiana year 6
“To show my love for nature. I challenge myself to not go on the internet for 24hrs and get outside more.”
Tyler H year 6
“To show the love for animals that are poorly or have a wheelchair. I challenge self to help different animals and give them lots of love”
Jessica year 6
“To show my love for birds. I challenge myself to feed them everyday”
Ava year 4
Look out for more challenges in the school grounds.