Year 3 and 4 Enrichment

RHS Rosemoor

Years 3 and 4 recently ventured out to RHS Garden Rosemoor as part of their Science topic – ‘Plants and Living Things’. Here’s a summary of what they got up to:
We had an amazing day, hunting for plants that had gone to seed and exploring the similarities and differences between various seeds and how they are dispersed. After learning in the classroom about what a plant needs to survive, it was brilliant to put that into practice as we planted our own lettuce seeds and re-potted flowers that needed more room!
During some free time, we explored the woods and the orchard, where various apples were ripe and ready for picking!

Artist Visit:

Children in Willow, Maple and Ash Class worked collaboratively with artist Darrell Wakelam to create this huge piece on the Romans, which is a history topic they’ll be learning about later this year. This piece was built up from scratch, completely child led and using recycled materials. We’re so proud of their amazing results!


As part of their topic this term on mountains,
year 3 and 4 visited Dartmoor and walked up
Belstone Tor, to help them answer the question;
Is Dartmoor a mountain? 

They used maps to help them navigate and also learnt how knowing the direction the wind was going in
could help them to make sure they were going
the right way even if they lost their maps. 

The children showed great resilience to walk up the
450 metre high tor, which they learnt was not
quite tall enough to be classed as a mountain.