Year 5 and 6 Enrichment

Heart Dissection Workshop

Yesterday, children in Year 5/6 had a visit from Hands on Science to bring together and apply all of their science learning about the circulatory system.
Throughout the workshop, the children joined in with an amount they were comfortable with, to deepen their understanding of:
– the function of the heart and how to keep it healthy
– circulation of blood through the heart and lungs
– the anatomy of the heart and the roles of the different parts
– how to dissect a lamb’s heart safely and identify the main structures
– diseases of the heart and how surgeons can repair defects such as holes in the heart.
The children were so engaged throughout the experience and could recall so much of their learning from the session.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Year 5 pupils attended Exeter Cathedral’s event of remembrance on Holocaust Memorial Day. They sang beautifully to the audience – it was a very moving performance. They also listened attentively to the service and a talk about Kindertransport.

Royal Cornwall Museum 

As part of their Egyptian Temples & Tourists topic, Pine, Birch and Oak Class had a fabulous day at The Royal Cornwall Museum. They learnt about the mummification process through a practical hands-on activity and talk; examined the many Egyptian artefacts exhibited in the museum (including a real mummy); handled and learnt about Egyptian artefacts that are thousands of years old; took part in an activity trail around the museum; and explored the interactive gallery.

Shackleton Storyteller

Year 5/6 Enjoyed a visit from ‘Ernest Shackleton’ this week, where they learnt lots more about his polar exploration. The children were incredibly enthused and reeling off lots of facts from the visit after their storytelling session.
Thank you Steve Manning Storytelling.

Tudor Trip 

To kick-start their Tudor topic, Year 5/6 visited The Museum of Somerset to learn about the Tudors.

They enjoyed a Tudor workshop where they made Tudor soap, practised writing like a Tudor, visited a Tudor Almshouse, played a ‘guess the Tudor object’ game, a quiz on the Tudors and much more.

They then got to explore the other museum exhibits, where they conducted a trail sheet to learn about how the Tudor time period fitted into the chronology of the history of Taunton, Somerset and the Southwest of England.


Year 5/6 thoroughly enjoyed their visit from Really Wild Learning. They learnt about some of the animals that can be found in ‘The Rockies’ as part of their geogaphy topic and how these compared to animals living in other climates around the world. 

Artist visit

Children in Pine, Birch and Oak Class worked collaboratively with artist Darrell Wakelam to create these huge 3D portraits of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I for their upcoming project on The Tudors. These pieces werebuilt up from scratch, completely child led and using recycled materials. We’re so proud of their amazing results!


As a wonderfully exciting end to our ‘Poles’ topic,
the year 5 and 6 children had the most incredible
opportunity to meet John Killingbeck. He is the
last living Englishman to have made his way
across Antarctica, being hauled by a pack of
dogs. He brought in his enormous sled among
other authentic props and shared his stories and
wisdom with us all. Thankyou John!